Allen Edmonds Park Avenue

Allen Edmonds, a shoe manufacturing company, was established in Belgium, Wisconsin in the year 1922. It operates in 17 states with its major focus on United States and parts of Italy. Allen Edmonds shoes are meant for life time. They are supposed to be repaired and not replaced. What is most interesting about this company is that it offers excellent after sale service. A pair of Allen Edmonds shoes can be rebuild against a fee. The soles and heels can be replaced and a new cork and strip can be remade.

The Park Avenue is one of the classiest line of shoes made by Allen Edmonds. It is a dress shoe that goes with any outfit. Its versatility thus makes it suitable for any occasion. The makers of this shoe have been conscious enough to design a shoe that will come with a lifetime warranty. Hence, it cannot afford to be out of style. And Allen Edmonds Park Avenue shoes are just that-always in fashion.

Allen Edmonds Park Avenue

The subtle leather shoes have six eyelets and cap toe, single oak leather sole and custom heel. Customers have reported that the shoes are extremely comfortable to wear. At the same time they are also firm and durable. The upper surface is shiny which makes them very attractive. These shoes only need proper care so that the shine and lustre remains for a lifetime. The Park Avenue shoes come with a number of styles and sizes. There are shoes for people with longer and narrow feet as well those with wider feet. Every kind of feet gets satisfaction when it comes to Allen Edmonds Park Avenue.

However it should be remembered that Allen Edmonds shoes are hardy but not meant for trekking purposes. They are cheap classy shoes meant for comfort and longevity.

Allen Edmonds Park Avenue is celebrated its 30th birthday in 2010 as The Great American Shoe for Business. Park Avenue proudly stated during this occasion that it had been on the top of any best seller list since the past 30 years. Its versatile and comfortable shoes have always served as the medium of impressing the person on the other side of the table, may it be an interviewee or client or subordinates etc. Since its inception, Allen Edmonds Park Avenue shoes have been the first choice for leaders around the world. President Ronald Reagan was seen to be wearing Park Avenue shoes in the oath taking ceremony.

Park Avenue shoes have made a benchmark in the world of shoe making. Its quality, designs, style and longevity has not only set high standards in the shoe business but has also made it unbeatable. Customers confess that they still own the first pair of Park Avenue shoes which was bought a long time ago as they continue to be in good shape.


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