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Allen Edmonds Park Avenue

Allen Edmond shoes are timeless, classy, and stylish even after being made for decades. Way back in 1922, Albert Allen and Bill Edmonds began a fascinating journey to design a very innovative method to make shoes, which is what set them apart from the other shoe manufacturers.   They incorporated the Goodyear welting which was nail less and shankless to make fashionable and durable shoes the preferred by the loyal customers. For the value, you can’t beat these shoes in terms of quality and durability, these being the ultimate business shoes.

Allen Edmonds holds strong values and work ethics as the primary reason for leaders from all walks of life consistently choosing their footwear. Their values translate into the company culture, visible in craftsmanship, style and service standards, which are par excellence. Indeed, there are innumerable customer testimonials to validate their exceptional customer service standards. In case of an ill-fitting or any other problem in your Allen Edmond shoe, you need to just walk into the nearest Allen Edmond store and a free replacement or full refund is usually done.  Afterall, they have a lifetime warranty of their footwear, such is the belief and trust  in their quality. The master fitters at all these stores are some of the best in their field having been in the company for a minimum of decade and half each. More importantly, a call to their customer service dept is answered by trained staff, always, and never by automated computers, giving that personal touch of warmth. In one sentence “customer delight guaranteed”.

Allen Edmonds Park Avenue

The Park Avenue design has been one of the best sellers from Allen Edmonds Park Avenue and preferred by some of the leading personalities of the world from Country heads, to corporate honchos to entertainment stars for the past 32 years. The craftsmanship and attention to quality standards is simply unmatched. A unique feature is the option of designing your own shoe. Typically, many people have non-standard feet and therefore the option to select the leather type and sole styles you can create your designer shoe.

Allen Edmonds footwear comes in the widest variety of sizes and thus one can easily obtain a suitable size to your feet. The unique reasonably priced recrafting package has ensured that Allen Edmond shoes have been passed down a generation even, the fit and design remaining true to its original. Customers believe that Allen Edmond shoes are not designer shoes, but are meant to be worn for a lifetime. The Park Avenue collection is one of the longest selling and classiest shoes, and match any dress occasion. These shoes are very versatile and the cap toe style is a favourite for the die-hard fans of Allen Edmond. The leather uppers are soft, supple, attractive and made of the finest calf leather. With proper care, these shoes retain their shine and durability for as many years. There have been instances when, the father brought in his son for the first formal pair of Allen Edmonds Park Avenue, so strong is the belief in the singular beauty of the finest crafted shoes. No wonder, these comfortable footwear is preferred so much by the American Presidents, a tribute to the legendary craftsmanship of Allen Edmonds shoes.


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